Success and Failure of Different Types of Crowns and Fixed Dental Prostheses


  • Gunnar E Carlsson Department of Prosthetic Dentistry / Dental Materials Science, Institute of Odontology, The Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg, Goteborg, Sweden.


All-ceramic, Crowns, Fixed dental prosthesis, Implant-supported prosthesis, Metal-ceramic, Resin bonded restoration.


The article presents a review of recent studies related to success and survival of various fixed prosthodontic treatment methods. ln decision-making for treatment'of missing teeth not only prosthodontic options are available but orthodontics and autotransplantation might be considered as well as the option to leave the space untreated. Single crowns and small fixed dental prostheses (FDPs) are the most common fixed restorations performed in general dental practice. For a long period metal-ceramics using high gold alloys was considered the material of choice in fixed prosthodontics. Today in Sweden all-ceramic materials dominate for both single implant and tooth-supported crowns anteriorly as well as posteriorly. For tooth-supported FDPs cobalt-chromium- porcelain is by far the most common material combination both in short-and long-span bridges. Based on the reviewed publications the following conclusions can be drawn: Both tooth- and implant-supported crowns and fixed dental prostheses are safe and predictable treatment methods with high survival rates up to and over 10 years. Metal-ceramic restorations provide higher survival rate and fewer complications than allceramic restorations. Biological and technical complications are frequent in all types of fixed prostheses, more so in implant-supported than in tooth-supported restorations. Cantilevers function well on implant-supported restorations but are associated with increased risk of failure and complication when used on tooth-supported restorations. Modern principles of construction have raised the resin-bonded restorations to a viable treatment option, especially for replacement of a single missing tooth.




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